About Yazhou

I am a senior student majoring in BME and CS at the University of Hong Kong. In 2023, I am a visiting student at UC Berkeley. I am working on theoretical neuroscience at the Redwood Theoretical Neuroscience Center. (How to pronounce “Yazhou”(雅洲): like “Ya-Joe”)

I am deeply passionate about understanding how the brain works. My research interests include recognition and attention in visual system, neural manifold learning, face recognition (Fun fact: Yazhou has face agnosia 😆), and neuromodulation.

If you are a potential collaborator with similar interests, feel free to email me at yazhou@berkeley.edu. I am open to discussing my current projects or exploring potential cooperation.

For more information, check out my CV here.

Previous Projects

Face recognition and EEG decoding, Prof. Janet Hsiao;
Seizure detection, Dr. Guoyang Liu;
📍 Dept. of Psyc., University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Contrastive learning for ADHD identification, Dr. Xinyu Li,
📍 Dept. of ECE, University of Alberta, Canada.

Biosensor and neuromorphic computing, Dr. Shiming Zhang,
📍 Dept. of EEE & BME., University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

MRI analysis for neuromodulation outcome prediction, Prof. Bingsheng Huang,
📍 Dept. of BME, Shenzhen University, China.

Conference Presentation

Oral presentation, Comparison of time-frequency representations for deep learning-based epileptic EEG classification, SfN 2023, Washington DC, USA, 2023.

Poster presentation, Epileptic EEG Classification Using Time-Frequency Representation and Deep Neural Network, IEEE EMBC 2023, Sydney, Australia, 2023.


For undergraduates interested in neural-related research, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am excited to meet new people from diverse backgrounds, share my experiences, and potentially start a mentorship.